International Order of Freemasonry
For Men And Women: Le Droit Humain

Amen-Ra Lodge 584 has been shining its light in Milwaukee, WI since 1943 working under the auspices of the Supreme Council of the ‘International Order of Freemasonry for Men and Women, “Le Droit Humain”’. Le Droit Humain (loosely translated as ‘Human Rights’) is founded on the principles of freedom of conscience, solidarity and justice, and is based on the fundamental equality of all human beings. It maintains the ancient landmarks of Freemasonry yet recognizes that united strength is necessary for Humanity to progress, and that efforts made by one sex alone are inadequate for the solution of economic, social and ethical problems.

Amen-Ra Lodge 584 belongs to the “Northern Plains District” which includes the states of WI, IA, MN, SD, ND, and eastern NE. If you are from any of these states you are visiting the website that represents your district. You are invited to check out the menu items above and the links to the right to learn more about our amazing Order!

Liberty! Equality! Fraternity!

Did You Know?
The oldest Masonic organization for both men and women is the Int'l Order Of Freemasonry For Men And Women: Le Droit Humain, which was founded in Paris in 1893.