The five stages of the Sun represent a daily cycle, levels of consciousness, and time periods.  This was transmitted by Stephen Mehler kemitalogist and he also worked in the Rosicrucian Grand Lodge as a research scientist.  He has stated this in his book and to me by my radio show.  He received this from the indigenous people of the land and their mystery school.

  1. KHEPER = “The Dawn” – This is represented by the scarab beetle. It represents innocence and the first step to enlightenment. It also represents the morning in the daily cycle.
  2. RA = “The Stubborn” – This is represented by ram and represents adolescence . This is representative of noon in the daily cycle.
  3. OON = “The Wise” – This is represented by a mature man and represents a mature and wise consciousness. It is representative of the afternoon on the daily cycle.
  4. ATEN = “The Wiser” – This represents enlightenment. It represents the twilight on the daily cycle.
  5. AMEN = “The Hidden” – This is a period of darkness and is dominated by greed and fear. It is of course representative of the night time. According to the lecturer (Stephen Mehler), this is the period of time we are in now.


The Land Of Osiris by Stephen S. Mehler

The Land Of Osiris
by Stephen S. Mehler


Audio Stages of the Sun


Did You Know?
The oldest Masonic organization for both men and women is the Int'l Order Of Freemasonry For Men And Women: Le Droit Humain, which was founded in Paris in 1893.