What is a Builder?


The public may be thinking,”What are we building as Freemasons?” First, let us look at the etymology of the word. To Build is an act of elevating,”  Specifically, in American English, “the erecting of a building,” by 1650s.RAISING. In New England and the Northern States, the operation or work of setting up the skeleton of a building. [Webster, 1830] edification (n.) Mid-14c., or, “building up of the soul,” from Old French edification and directly from Latin edification (nominative edification) “construction, building,” in Late Latin “spiritual improvement,” or as a translation of Greek oikodome in I Cor. xiv. Meaning “mental improvement”.

The Free or Speculative Mason is also a builder, but not of material edifices.The Speculative Mason implements certain tools of an Operative Masons’ art as we receive the design.Their emblematic use  will build or bring-out in us morality,fortitude and perseverance as we learn to subdue our passions and exercise service as best we can. It is rare to see a Mason destroying or demolishing someone else, for we Build instead of destroy.The Speculative Mason will make the Royal Art Operative daily and what do I mean by Operative? A worker and in this case a Mason skilled with the tools to get a specific job done.The Builder has many tools to elevate or raise the best attributes in themselves on a daily basis.Here in the Orient of Milwaukee we are doing just that.

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Did You Know?
The oldest Masonic organization for both men and women is the Int'l Order Of Freemasonry For Men And Women: Le Droit Humain, which was founded in Paris in 1893.