Esoteric Freemasonry

Is Esoteric Freemasonry for everyone? First, let us  find the true sense of the word esoteric, so we can get a clearer view. Esoteric was birthed from the Greek word esoterikos “belonging to an inner circle” from esotero “more within,” also found in the doctrines of Aristotle and Pythagoras.

With that understanding, it is only for a select few (e.g. Inner Circle) but it doesn’t mean everyone else is eliminated. Outer participants can become the “Inner Circle” as they unfold the degrees within themselves.

It is everyone’s duty to develop and unfold their entire being physically and spiritually, but most people are not ready to tackle the expansion of their own consciousness. Most people don’t know how to communicate with or don’t know they have their own venerable elder inside of them.

Sacred dramas are keys to esoteric knowledge. This knowledge has always taken care of or guarded itself, for, the populace have different levels of consciousnesses, and as for the lodge members, each member has to master their own chemistry, psychology etc. and unfold specific attributes to enter into these ancient and sacred teachings.

In Closing, “esoteric or inner knowledge is no different from other kinds of human knowledge and ability. It is a mystery for the average person, only to the extent that writing is a mystery for those who have not yet learned to write.” Rudolf Steiner

A Brother!

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We study many things and some would say we dig into the esoteric meanings of the seven liberal arts.*Grammar*Rhetoric* Logic*Arithmetic*Geometry*Music, and *Astronomy. Again, esoteric is defined as having specialized knowledge understood by a small group. This specialized knowledge is spread throughout Freemasonry  by a  initiatic system  where members expand their understanding  by degree’s.The human being  does not stop learning or bringing out the best in themit is a life long process.

Grammar is the science which teaches us to express our ideas in appropriate words. Rhetoric is the art or skill of speaking or writing. Arithmetic, which is the science of computing of numbers, is absolutely essential, not only in a thorough knowledge of all mathematical science, but also a proper pursuit of our daily supplications. Geometry, or the application of Arithmetic for sensible quantities, is of all sciences the most important, since by it we are enabled to measure and survey the globe that we inhabit. Its principles extend to other spheres; and, occupied in the contemplation and measurement of the sun, moon, and heavenly bodies, constitute the science of Astronomy; and, lastly, when our minds are filled, and our thoughts enlarged and our hearts are at peace, the contemplation of all the wonders which these sciences open to our view, Music comes forward, to soften our hearts and cultivate our affections by its soothing influences.

In Closing,we could not be worthy of the name if we did not study ourselves and the Universe. Each Mason is charged with certain tasks as they evolve with experience and with the implementation of their working tools assist humanity. This is just a small sample of what we study as we seek more light.

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What is a Builder?


The public may be thinking,”What are we building as Freemasons?” First, let us look at the etymology of the word. To Build is an act of elevating,”  Specifically, in American English, “the erecting of a building,” by 1650s.RAISING. In New England and the Northern States, the operation or work of setting up the skeleton of a building. [Webster, 1830] edification (n.) Mid-14c., or, “building up of the soul,” from Old French edification and directly from Latin edification (nominative edification) “construction, building,” in Late Latin “spiritual improvement,” or as a translation of Greek oikodome in I Cor. xiv. Meaning “mental improvement”.

The Free or Speculative Mason is also a builder, but not of material edifices.The Speculative Mason implements certain tools of an Operative Masons’ art as we receive the design.Their emblematic use  will build or bring-out in us morality,fortitude and perseverance as we learn to subdue our passions and exercise service as best we can. It is rare to see a Mason destroying or demolishing someone else, for we Build instead of destroy.The Speculative Mason will make the Royal Art Operative daily and what do I mean by Operative? A worker and in this case a Mason skilled with the tools to get a specific job done.The Builder has many tools to elevate or raise the best attributes in themselves on a daily basis.Here in the Orient of Milwaukee we are doing just that.

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Did You Know?
The oldest Masonic organization for both men and women is the Int'l Order Of Freemasonry For Men And Women: Le Droit Humain, which was founded in Paris in 1893.