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Our Brief History


History of Amen Ra Lodge #584 LDH Milwaukee Wis   by Theresa Wysocki 33’ Nov 2017

Amen Ra Lodge was founded in July 1043 by members of Sirius Lodge #556: Helen Palmer Wycherley,

Annette Schmitt (mother of Marcella Lord) Elizabeth Anholt, and Marjorie Hurd Dawn. Elizabeth

Anholt introduced Co Freemasonry to Caroline Ross, Joy Mills,and  Vera Bruce, Jack Bruce and Clara

Bruce, as well as Kathleen and John Hitchcock at the Theosophical Society in Milwaukee, Wis.

Meetings were first held at the Schmitts’ home, then at the Oddfellows Hall. Request for rental from the

Oddfellows resulted in  the Male Masons of Milwaukee  finding Co Freemasonry to be clandestine and

An effort to stop Amen Ra from meeting was taken to court. However the judge determined the suit

Unfounded and dismissed the case. The male masons tried to claim that we were unlawfully using

Masonic symbols. Meanwhile meetings were held above a bowling alley until the Oddfellows  agreed

To rent to Amen Ra Lodge at a church on Hilda St. until it was sold. For several years four of us, Vera

Bruce, Joy Zick, Martha Long and I kept the lodge active by meeting at the home of Vera Bruce.

Finally the Oddfellows built a kitchen in anticipation of building a new temple. We met in the

kitchen, which was the size of the carpet, until membership grew.  During this time, Sirius lodge

members  assisted us with ceremonies.  Geneva Rice found the next Meeting place at Marian Hall.

It too was sold in 2016.  However we found our current place in the hall of the Elks Club.

Amen Ra members held strong during trying times of unrest in Larkspur and Illinois.

In 2005,2008, and 2010 and again this year 2018, Amen Ra and Sirius Lodge hosted the Federation convention at the DeKoven center in Racine Wis.

We look forward to celebrating the 75th anniversary of our beginnings at the Convention.


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Handbook of Freemasonry

Handbook of Freemasonry – Henrik Bogdan & Jan A. M. Snoek (Click for book)

The relatively short-lived Grande Loge Symbolique Ecossaise (glse), which brought together the most

progressive Masons of its time. It was this Grand Lodge to which the lodge Les Libres Penseurs belonged,

which initiated the feminist leader Maria Deraismes in 1882, resulting in 1893 in the creation of what is

now the mixed masonic order Le Droit Humain.

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Governing Yourself

Unzip the lower ego.

Unzip the lower ego

The Soul should govern who you truly are and not anything else. Currently, we see the lower ego zipped up, in a protective mode, the ego is clearly the ruler of the majority of us. The first step is to recognize its attributes and then get to know ourselves.

To KNOW THYSELF is a science, i.e. systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment. All of the great teachings have taught us to unzip the layers that are not truly us, to reveal our true Nature.

God Most Sublime, however, has given us not only our two eyes with which to perceive the external world, but also a third ‘eye’ which can scan the invisible realities which lie beyond the horizons of perception.* The only way to experience truth directly is to look within, to observe oneself. All our lives we have been accustomed to look outward. We have always been interested in what is happening outside, what others are doing. We have rarely if ever tried to examine ourselves, our own mental and physical structure, our own actions, our own reality. Therefore we remain unknown to ourselves. We do not realize how harmful this ignorance is, how much we remain the slaves of forces within ourselves of which we are unaware. The inner darkness must be dispelled to apprehend the truth. We must gain insight into our own nature in order to understand the nature of existence.

The entire universe and the laws of nature by which it works are to be experienced within oneself. They can only be experienced within oneself. The path is also a path of purification. We investigate the truth about ourselves not out of idle intellectual curiosity but rather with a definite purpose.**

The more we know, the more tools we have at our disposal to remove the excrescences that prevents us from governing our own states of consciousness.

Fiat Lux

*Book: Man Know Thyself By Maulana Waihiduddin Khan

**Paper: Self-Knowledge and Understanding,Author Unknown


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Universal Principles II

In ‘UniverHermeticssal Principles part 1′, I laid the foundation to a small portion of  the hermetic wisdom,which consist of ‘Mentalism or Mental Transmutation’ (also described as Mental Alchemy, which refers to the art of changing and transforming one’s own mental states and conditions. The ‘Principle of  Vibration’ states that motion is manifest in everything in the universe, nothing rests, and everything moves, vibrates, and circles. The ‘Principle of  Polarity’ says that everything has its opposite and all truth is but half truths. The ‘Principle of  Rhythm’ embodies the swing backward and forward and then we have,’ Cause & Effect’ or every effect has a spiritual seed that is nourished to sprout a specific effect and it explains that there is a cause for every action, and a spark for every cause.  Lastly, ‘Gender’ which manifest in everything and on all planes. ‘Mental Gender’  described as a hermetic concept which relates to the masculine and feminine principles. It does not refer to the physical gender of someone; nor does it suggest that someone of a certain physical gender necessarily has the same mental gender. Ideally, one wants to have a balanced mental gender. The three hermetic religious and philosophical doctrines are ‘The Corpus Hermeticum’, ‘The Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus’, and ‘The Perfect Sermon’ and a less known one is  ‘Discourse of Isis to Horus’.

The study of these teachings have  been encapsulated in the human being for centuries. These principles can be found in a little book that goes by the name of ‘The Kybalion’. A book written in 1908, claiming to be the essence of the teachings of Hermes Trismegistus, published anonymously by a group or person under the pseudonym of ‘The Three Initiates’. The Kybalion first published in 1908 by the Yogi Publication Society and is now in the public domain, and can be found on the web. The book purports to be based upon ancient Hermeticism. The book early on, making the claim that it makes its appearance in one’s life when the time is appropriate and includes variations of material found in the book of proverbs. Freemasonry is on the same tree of brotherhood and is just one custodian of this wisdom. These principles can be unveiled with each initiate at his and or her proper time of advancement. Do not be the one of many,  that  will put a cap on top of their evolution; as they cut off experiences of divine proportions because they have been told it isn’t possible to transmute base metal into gold.



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The essence of the human being and everything on earth can be found in the stars in our Great Universe. The essence of Freemasonry can be traced back to ancient cultures depending on the dots or points you choose to connect. Triptych is something like a picture or architecture that is composed or presented in three parts or sectionsBy using this system you can see similarities from the ancient past to now. Knowledge from experience passed down from age to age is another way to trace the beginning of a thing. Looking at Freemasonry through the eyes of the middle ages and the Comacine masons would not be a true starting point..it would be likened to a false start in track in field. WHAT IS THE ESSENCE OF FREEMASONRY? Well, let me define begin by defining what essence means from the Merriam Webster dictionary.Essence:the core nature or most important qualities of a person or thing; that which makes something what it is.

My the way I see my inner and outer world and Freemasonry is unique because it links the teachings of Freemasonry to ancient cultures who was aware of their true nature who thought with a different frequency that we now have. They way I would define the word Freemasonry is as followed: Free-Ma-Sun which is broken down here.

Free–Freedom,free-dom, or Golgotha, the place of the skull or mind. The practice of freeing the mind.

Ma— A mantra which means the center of the womb or chamber. The sanctum sanctorum, the innermost sanctum and it’s where the Universe manifests.

Sun— The child of Ma,the being that comes from the womb of The Great Mother. This interpretation tells me where we come from and what we are doing here.

The conventional word Freemason can be found in history in 1375 in civic records of London.In 1396 “Freestone mason” was used in the French language. In the oldest Constitution(Harlien MS-1670) the word “Mason” and “Freemason” is found.Some also say it can be found on a statue in 1350 in the 25th year of King Edward I in the French language.The Scots called one form of the Freestone masons Cowans. We all get a birth name when we are born but as the child grows in personality we receive a nickname which fits our essence. The Ancient Africans did the same thing on another level. For example, let’s take the word PYRAMID, which is from the Greek PYRAMIDOS or fire in the middle. The indigenous teachers call it PR.NTR or PER NETER which PER is HOUSE and NTR is ENERGY which translates into THE HOUSE OF ENERGY/NATURE. Freemasonry is a depository of knowledge somewhat like a living book.  Many traditions from the East have been preserved and kept alive in the West through Freemasonry believe it or not. I can see the dots from different cultures that is expressed in Freemasonry. From the Sabeans of Harran to the Syrians of the Tammuz Order and even the Phoenician-Greeks who are depicted in the movies as barbarous heathen. Those stories want to paint a specific image… take the world today and you will get the sublime, along with the chaotic! The Phonecian-Greek divinity was known as Adonis, which was originally of Phoenician origin. The Phoenician culture influenced many cultures and Freemasonry. The Knights Templars had a variation of crosses that was used by the Phoenicians thousands of years before the crusades. Some say that some of them may have been initiated into the Companions of Horus and may be linked to the Ancient Druids. Throughout ancient history and Freemasonry we hear of pillars and in ancient Egypt, they are associated with “The Four Ancient Khu’s” who dwell in the hair of Horus who was said to be “The Four Gods Who Stand By The Pillars of Heaven” These four gods are the children of Horus and their names were Amset, Hapi,Tuamautef, and Qebhsennuf. They were supposed to live over the four quarters of the world and acknowledged to be the gods of the cardinal points and can also be found in V.S.L.

The Crusades also brought back to England many eastern customs. The wimple such as, is the veil worn by the Mohammedan woman and the Syrian arch which was introduced into English churches and the Knights Templars adopted some customs of the Moors and Phoenicians. The circular outside and inside octagonal shape inside of churches is peculiar indeed, but may be specific to the circumambulation of a sacred space and a practice from many Sufi Orders. The mystical, allegorical story of the Holy Graal(Grail) is not Christian but goes back to the order of Adonis also which appeared in 1175 A.D. and 1225 and the entire story deals with the travel of the soul through the underworld to paradise. The essence of a thing may or may not be known on the surface, but once the seeker of light peel back the layers, only then will the essence of Freemasonry and long-lost cultures be reunited.


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Le Droit Humain International Magazine

dh logoLe Droit Humain’s International magazine is a magazine that can be viewed by every member of the order in a secure area. The Sovereign Grand Commander of the Order as you would guess, would give a few words to our international brethren in this magazine. If you are a member and have not found the time to read or catch up on the magazines, I hope you will find the time and I charge all members of Worshipful Lodge Amen-Ra#584  Orient of Milwaukee, to read them when your T.F.I.G. permits. Some of the topics you are missing include:
• The vision of the future
• Diversity
• Birth and growth across the planet
• Twinning updates
• Spes
• Architectures
We are also eager to hear about our pioneer lodges and triangles. We also have information on the internationality of our order, which we call federations,with locations in France, Belgium, Brazil,The Netherlands, Great Britain, India, Greece, U.S.A., Australia, Iceland, Finland, Austria, Scandinavia, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, South Africa, New Zealand, Chile and West Africa, with Jurisdictions in Poland, Portugal, Argentina, Israel, Canada, Bulgaria, Cameroon, Germany, Central America and the Caribbean, Mexico and Madagascar, and Pioneer Lodges in Luxembourg, Eastern Europe, Africa, South America and Mauritius. The international convention is also a hot topic and is held every five years and masonic business is always on the agenda, i.e. Our rights and duties. As for the International Order of Freemasonry for Men and Women- Le Droit Humain, American Federation, we have the Square and Compasses which is our MPGC bulletin. Diversity is always a discussion we can’t get enough of,which has always been a mainstay from our founders.

In closing, contemplate the words of this 18th century philosopher Immanuel Kant, who stated,”Enlightenment is man’s emergence from his self-imposed nonage. Nonage is the inability to use one’s understanding without anothers guidance. This nonage is self-imposed if its cause lies not in lack of understanding, but in indecision and lack of courage to use one’s mind without anothers guidance. Sapere AudeDare to Know! Have the courage to use your own understanding is therefore, the motto of the enlightenment era.”

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The Meaning of Life


{By  Brother of Amen-Ra Lodge}

Before history, which is called prehistory and is the span of time before recorded history or the invention of writing systems, humankind have been contemplating the meaning of life. There have always been many paths to investigate life, be it through religions, cultures, ethnic groups and fraternal orders. Each path may have a specific model and or philosophy.

More questions are asked than  responses to answers when you are on a personal quest for your own philosophy of life. Freemasonry for men and women Le Droit Humain which is loosely translated to ‘Human Rights’, is one branch on the tree of life so to speak; that offer insight into ourselves and our surroundingsAs we implement our masonic tools wherever they may lead us we try to be free thinkers or in french Libres Penseurs.
Free thought is a philosophical viewpoint which holds that positions about truth should be formed by logic, reason, and not authority, tradition, or other dogmas. The cognitive application of Free thought is ‘free thinking’, and practitioners of Free thought is known as ‘free thinkers’. Free thought holds that people should not accept ideas proposed as truth without recourse to knowledge and reason. Thus, freethinkers strive to build their own opinions.

The meaning of life may alter as your experiences change, although this is a paradox in its self. Those that quest  or seeking a long and arduous search will have to earn their insights as they will be tested, which is universal throughout cultures to prove their worthiness. Le DROIT HUMAIN was built to unite humanity despite all the barriers to separate us.  We come together in lodges and commune in temples as we get to know and understand ourselves and the meaning of life and at the same time progressing humanity.


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What is a Builder?


The public may be thinking,”What are we building as Freemasons?” First, let us look at the etymology of the word. To Build is an act of elevating,”  Specifically, in American English, “the erecting of a building,” by 1650s.RAISING. In New England and the Northern States, the operation or work of setting up the skeleton of a building. [Webster, 1830] edification (n.) Mid-14c., or, “building up of the soul,” from Old French edification and directly from Latin edification (nominative edification) “construction, building,” in Late Latin “spiritual improvement,” or as a translation of Greek oikodome in I Cor. xiv. Meaning “mental improvement”.

The Free or Speculative Mason is also a builder, but not of material edifices.The Speculative Mason implements certain tools of an Operative Masons’ art as we receive the design.Their emblematic use  will build or bring-out in us morality,fortitude and perseverance as we learn to subdue our passions and exercise service as best we can. It is rare to see a Mason destroying or demolishing someone else, for we Build instead of destroy.The Speculative Mason will make the Royal Art Operative daily and what do I mean by Operative? A worker and in this case a Mason skilled with the tools to get a specific job done.The Builder has many tools to elevate or raise the best attributes in themselves on a daily basis.Here in the Orient of Milwaukee we are doing just that.

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The Life and Doctrines of Jacob Boehme

by Franz Hartmann

The Life and Doctrines of Jacob Boehme by Franz Hartmann

SEE “The Life and Doctrines of Jacob Boehme” HERE

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Cosmic Consciousness

by Richard Maurice Bucke

Cosmic Consciousness by Richard Maurice Bucke

SEE “Cosmic Consciousness” HERE

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Did You Know?
The oldest Masonic organization for both men and women is the Int'l Order Of Freemasonry For Men And Women: Le Droit Humain, which was founded in Paris in 1893.