As early as six months the child will gaze into the mirror and mimic expressions. The child is fascinated at an early age by “WHO’S LOOKING BACK?” When we’re in meditation, shouldn’t we still ask this question? And always keep this wonder our entire lives?

We know when we reflect on ourselves this practice requires a consciousness to focus our attention during the reflection period, also known as reflective self-consciousness, which is at least a second-order cognition. It is the basis for a report on one’s

Socrates asked questions and said “something in people resists self-examination; they do not want to answer deep questions about themselves.” Socrates thinks all but a few people will strikeout against those who try to stimulate serious moral reflection in them. That is why he thinks his trial was not a mere misunderstanding, but the outcome of “psychological forces” deep within human nature and added with a heart that is buried, you will get a dangerous recipe.

Furthermore, the ability to train the consciousness to become completely self-transparent and continuously aware of its own presence and nature is a life-long attempt. The art of reflection is a useful tool for spiritual contemplation, although, it is a difficult path; when our passions begin to obscure the mirror or reflection of our higher divine consciousness, we then become blindfolded and our hearts will be covered with debris.

In Sufism, its called ‘Cleaning your Mirror,’ which is the only way to get a clear reflection. In Freemasonry, we look toward the rough ashlar to remove what is flawed.

A mystic in the 12th century Al-Ghazzali (Abū āmid Muammad Ibn Muammad al-Ghazālī) once wrote: “Your heart is a polished mirror, you must wipe it clean of the veil of dust that has gathered upon it, because it is destined to reflect the light of divine secrets.”

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Do I have to be invited in order to join?

Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to be “invited” to become a freemason. Like any society we prefer to introduce candidates who are already known to existing members, however, this does not debar anyone from making an approach to us on their own behalf. Indeed, this is generally regarded as a very healthy sign of personal initiative and commitment and indicates an existing sympathy with our aims and beliefs.Road

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Did You Know?
The oldest Masonic organization for both men and women is the Int'l Order Of Freemasonry For Men And Women: Le Droit Humain, which was founded in Paris in 1893.