The Meaning of Life


{By  Brother of Amen-Ra Lodge}

Before history, which is called prehistory and is the span of time before recorded history or the invention of writing systems, humankind have been contemplating the meaning of life. There have always been many paths to investigate life, be it through religions, cultures, ethnic groups and fraternal orders. Each path may have a specific model and or philosophy.

More questions are asked than  responses to answers when you are on a personal quest for your own philosophy of life. Freemasonry for men and women Le Droit Humain which is loosely translated to ‘Human Rights’, is one branch on the tree of life so to speak; that offer insight into ourselves and our surroundingsAs we implement our masonic tools wherever they may lead us we try to be free thinkers or in french Libres Penseurs.
Free thought is a philosophical viewpoint which holds that positions about truth should be formed by logic, reason, and not authority, tradition, or other dogmas. The cognitive application of Free thought is ‘free thinking’, and practitioners of Free thought is known as ‘free thinkers’. Free thought holds that people should not accept ideas proposed as truth without recourse to knowledge and reason. Thus, freethinkers strive to build their own opinions.

The meaning of life may alter as your experiences change, although this is a paradox in its self. Those that quest  or seeking a long and arduous search will have to earn their insights as they will be tested, which is universal throughout cultures to prove their worthiness. Le DROIT HUMAIN was built to unite humanity despite all the barriers to separate us.  We come together in lodges and commune in temples as we get to know and understand ourselves and the meaning of life and at the same time progressing humanity.


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Did You Know?
The oldest Masonic organization for both men and women is the Int'l Order Of Freemasonry For Men And Women: Le Droit Humain, which was founded in Paris in 1893.