The essence of the human being and everything on earth can be found in the stars in our Great Universe. The essence of Freemasonry can be traced back to ancient cultures depending on the dots or points you choose to connect. Triptych is something like a picture or architecture that is composed or presented in three parts or sectionsBy using this system you can see similarities from the ancient past to now. Knowledge from experience passed down from age to age is another way to trace the beginning of a thing. Looking at Freemasonry through the eyes of the middle ages and the Comacine masons would not be a true starting would be likened to a false start in track in field. WHAT IS THE ESSENCE OF FREEMASONRY? Well, let me define begin by defining what essence means from the Merriam Webster dictionary.Essence:the core nature or most important qualities of a person or thing; that which makes something what it is.

My the way I see my inner and outer world and Freemasonry is unique because it links the teachings of Freemasonry to ancient cultures who was aware of their true nature who thought with a different frequency that we now have. They way I would define the word Freemasonry is as followed: Free-Ma-Sun which is broken down here.

Free–Freedom,free-dom, or Golgotha, the place of the skull or mind. The practice of freeing the mind.

Ma— A mantra which means the center of the womb or chamber. The sanctum sanctorum, the innermost sanctum and it’s where the Universe manifests.

Sun— The child of Ma,the being that comes from the womb of The Great Mother. This interpretation tells me where we come from and what we are doing here.

The conventional word Freemason can be found in history in 1375 in civic records of London.In 1396 “Freestone mason” was used in the French language. In the oldest Constitution(Harlien MS-1670) the word “Mason” and “Freemason” is found.Some also say it can be found on a statue in 1350 in the 25th year of King Edward I in the French language.The Scots called one form of the Freestone masons Cowans. We all get a birth name when we are born but as the child grows in personality we receive a nickname which fits our essence. The Ancient Africans did the same thing on another level. For example, let’s take the word PYRAMID, which is from the Greek PYRAMIDOS or fire in the middle. The indigenous teachers call it PR.NTR or PER NETER which PER is HOUSE and NTR is ENERGY which translates into THE HOUSE OF ENERGY/NATURE. Freemasonry is a depository of knowledge somewhat like a living book.  Many traditions from the East have been preserved and kept alive in the West through Freemasonry believe it or not. I can see the dots from different cultures that is expressed in Freemasonry. From the Sabeans of Harran to the Syrians of the Tammuz Order and even the Phoenician-Greeks who are depicted in the movies as barbarous heathen. Those stories want to paint a specific image… take the world today and you will get the sublime, along with the chaotic! The Phonecian-Greek divinity was known as Adonis, which was originally of Phoenician origin. The Phoenician culture influenced many cultures and Freemasonry. The Knights Templars had a variation of crosses that was used by the Phoenicians thousands of years before the crusades. Some say that some of them may have been initiated into the Companions of Horus and may be linked to the Ancient Druids. Throughout ancient history and Freemasonry we hear of pillars and in ancient Egypt, they are associated with “The Four Ancient Khu’s” who dwell in the hair of Horus who was said to be “The Four Gods Who Stand By The Pillars of Heaven” These four gods are the children of Horus and their names were Amset, Hapi,Tuamautef, and Qebhsennuf. They were supposed to live over the four quarters of the world and acknowledged to be the gods of the cardinal points and can also be found in V.S.L.

The Crusades also brought back to England many eastern customs. The wimple such as, is the veil worn by the Mohammedan woman and the Syrian arch which was introduced into English churches and the Knights Templars adopted some customs of the Moors and Phoenicians. The circular outside and inside octagonal shape inside of churches is peculiar indeed, but may be specific to the circumambulation of a sacred space and a practice from many Sufi Orders. The mystical, allegorical story of the Holy Graal(Grail) is not Christian but goes back to the order of Adonis also which appeared in 1175 A.D. and 1225 and the entire story deals with the travel of the soul through the underworld to paradise. The essence of a thing may or may not be known on the surface, but once the seeker of light peel back the layers, only then will the essence of Freemasonry and long-lost cultures be reunited.


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Did You Know?
The oldest Masonic organization for both men and women is the Int'l Order Of Freemasonry For Men And Women: Le Droit Humain, which was founded in Paris in 1893.